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HERITAGE press reviews

“Set over two floors at the design hotel Le Méridien, HERITAGE Hamburg Rooftop Bar is the best place to enjoy the city from above.”The Rooftop Guide: “Rooftop Bars Hamburg” (March 18, 2023)

“Like the cuisine, the restaurant itself is inspired by history and tradition: dark wood, soft pink and intense blue create a pleasantly calm atmosphere.”Cream Guides, “Opulent minimalism at Gendarmenmarkt” (October 05, 2022).

“As a longtime vegetarian with a secret but undeniable passion for Wiener Schnitzel, the prospect of a meatless alternative to schnitzel made me swoon, and I was not disappointed.” Cream Guides, “Opulent Minimalism at Gendarmenmarkt” (October 05, 2022).

“If you take HERITAGE, the restaurant’s name, at its word – meaning ‘origin’ or ‘tradition’ – what is most likely inherited here, in the middle of Berlin-Mitte, right at the Gendarmenmarkt, is the future. While some of the dishes refer to North American classicism, not only by name, some of them – especially because of the innovative energy they literally radiate – don’t quite seem to belong to the present yet.”rbb Kultur: “Heritage Berlin Restaurant” (April 22, 2022).

“At the HERITAGE, you’ll experience the familiar clash between classic and modern amid a wonderfully furnished restaurant that also puts forward excellent hosts.”Steffen Sinzinger: “HERITAGE Berlin – A place for unusual enjoyment” (April 5, 2022)

“At the HERITAGE, not only is the food right across the board, but the ambience and service are delightfully relaxed, no chi-chi, just quality to the point.”Qiez: “New in Mitte: classics with a twist at HERITAGE” (March 30, 2022).

“If you want to spend an evening in Berlin Prussian blue with food and drink, the HERITAGE restaurant at Gendarmenmarkt is a dream come blue.”Weltexpress: “An Evening in Prussian Blue at the Heritage Restaurant” (March 29, 2022).

“With contemporary fusion cuisine and a casual atmosphere, it positions itself as an independent restaurant and new gastronomic hotspot at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt” Gourmetwelten: “Go, Florian, go!” (February 27, 2022)


“Who has the most beautiful view over the Alster River? You could argue about that. The latest contender for first place is the newly opened Heritage Bar. Here, aperitifs and nightcaps before or after dinner in the restaurant of the same name taste particularly good.”Szene Hamburg: “TOP 10 – Hamburg’s most beautiful rooftop terraces” (August 2019).

“At the HERITAGE Bar you meet the coolest people in Hamburg; the mix of hip drinks at this beautiful bar in combination with the view of the Outer Alster Lake will surely make your night an unforgettable moment. You also can’t beat the view from the rooftop terrace during a stunningly beautiful sunset.”
Rosana Funke of princessrosana.com: “Le Méridien Hamburg A five-star hotel directly on the Outer Alster” (August 06, 2019)

“Located directly on the Alster River: on the roof of the Le Méridien Hotel, the city’s beauties bustle at the HERITAGE. From here you have a fabulous view of the Outer Alster Lake.”Hamburger Morgenpost: “Drinks with a view in Hamburg These are the coolest rooftop terraces and rooftop bars” (July 27, 2019).

Nadja Schaer, editor of Mrs. City, in an interview: “You get the best view of our beautiful city from one of the numerous rooftop bars – best of all, of course, including a sunset on balmy summer evenings. The HERITAGE Rooftop Bar at Le Méridien on the Alster River is brand new and super chic.”Hamburger Deern: “Attention, insider tips! Nadja, Hamburg pearl and editor of ‘Mrs. City’ reveals her top 10 for the summer.” (July 23, 2019)

“The rooftop bar runs across two levels and is completely glazed. The centerpiece is the large terrace (…). The cream-colored parasols here provide shade.”
Hamburger Abendblatt: “These are Hamburg’s best bars with a wide view” (June 29, 2019).

“Here you can enjoy the evening sun after work and let your eyes wander over the water to St. Georg. Culinarily, the hotel forms a bond with Steffen Henssler, who has developed an individual concept for the HERITAGE Bar.”
Falstaff: “Le Méridien Hamburg opens new rooftop bar” (June 27, 2019).

“You only eat well with your heart, as they say at HERITAGE. The team there has taken ours by storm.”Szene Hamburg: “Our test winners 2019” (April 2, 2019)